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Ref: 2 Date Posted: Saturday 23 Jan 2021
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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Radical Recruit.

Below is some information about the people we support (aka: our Radicals) and the important role volunteers play within our community. Please read this information carefully to help you decide if you would like to register to become a Radical volunteer. If the answer is yes, please hit the apply button which will take you to a page where you will be asked to:

  • Upload your CV if you have one. If you do not have a CV you’re comfortable sharing, that’s ok. This will not affect your application. We ask for a CV because this helps us to see what skills and experience you have which are transferrable into your volunteer roles. We can't remove this field so if you'd prefer not to share your CV with us, please upload a blank word document OR a word document with a lovely message on it! ;-)
  • Read and sign our volunteer candidate agreement 
  • Complete the skills survey and diversity survey.
  • Tick the ‘Receive email updates & industry news?’ box. This will ensure you receive all future volunteering job opportunities as well as semi-regular updates about the outcome of your work with us (good news stories and our volunteering impact report). Don't worry, you can unsubscribe at any time!


About Radical Recruit ...

Founded in October 2019, Radical Recruit is the UK’s only not-for-profit recruitment consultancy representing people who are under-represented in the labour market.

Our small but mighty team believes that the fundamental nature of the recruitment industry requires a radical change. We are pioneering a recruitment revolution - a movement that excites, agitates and shakes things up within the recruitment industry. We do this by employing a value-led approach to sourcing hidden talent (our Radicals) and by providing seamless recruitment services to employers that are committed to diversity and inclusion and that hire ‘hidden talent’.

You can read our manifesto here.

As a recruitment agency, we know that we are only as good as the last candidate we placed which means we don’t employ a ‘throw mud at a wall and hope some of it sticks’ approach to recruitment. Nor do we ask for charity. Our Radicals get invited to interview on the merit of their applications and are offered the job because they are the best candidate at the end of the selection process. What this means is that we must support our Radicals to compete on a level ‘playing field’ by giving them the skills, tools, and confidence they need to apply for, secure, and sustain employment.

As a not-for-profit provider, we know that the best support we can provide for our Radicals is human-centric and support that will enable them to decrease their reliance on services like ours as well as practice more choice, control, agency, and autonomy in all life areas. We have seen the power of paid work transform the lives of our Radicals with over 90 placements to date. Much of the focus of our work is encouraging our Radicals to aspire and supporting them to secure jobs that they will love rather than jobs that they can get. We also provide post-placement support to ensure our candidates sustain their placements and with time, progress in their chosen careers.


Our Track Record ...

  • We've made over 100 placements.
  • Our salary range for placements start at London Living Wage and ranges to £90k.
  • The average salary negotiated for our Radicals is £25.5k.
  • We have maintained an in work sustainability rate of over 90% at six months.
  • a small but growing proportion of the candidates we have placed have moved into bigger and better roles since we first placed them!

Click this link to watch a video about two of our Radicals, Tia and Steve, who talk about their Radical experience!


"It takes a village to raise a child"

This is an Igbo and Yoruba proverb that exists in many different African languages. It reflects the emphasis African cultures place on family and community.

The same family (albeit chosen) and community values underpin everything we do at Radical because we know it takes a village to raise up our candidates so that they can become respected, contributing, and valued members of society and walk with purpose into their futures.


But don't just take our word for it ...

'When I was released from prison, one of the most daunting tasks I faced was getting back into employment. My confidence was shattered & I was petrified of having to disclose my conviction to a prospective employer. Radical provided me with a complete ex-offender support service which was invaluable. From providing effective disclosure writing & delivery techniques, updating my CV to introductions to ex-offender friendly employers.

I received a tailor-made service that both encouraged and supported me. They even set up several mock interviews with professional HR recruiters for me to practice my interview skills, ahead of my actual interviews. Working with Radical has immeasurably increased my confidence levels.’

 – Carl, a candidate with a conviction placed into a salaried role paying £55k


So … what does it take to be a Radical volunteer?

Our volunteering opportunities are great for two types of people. Those who can see potential in others and love nothing more to encourage and build confidence. They're also great for people with hiring experience including recruiters, talent acquisition specialists, in-house recruitment teams, people managers, and employment coaches.

We do not expect our volunteers to have 100% of the skills and qualities listed in the ‘you will need’ sections below and we will ask questions as part of the application to understand where your skills lie. We will then match you to work with other volunteers who have complementary skills!


Keep reading for more info about our opportunities …


Seeing Potential – CV Surgery (2.5 – 3 hour online workshop + 1 hour preparation time offline)

Supporting a Radical to develop from scratch or redevelop their existing CV. You will need:

  • To be curious, inquisitive, and be able to ask questions to uncover information about your Radical's natural talents, interests, hobbies, skills, and abilities.
  • To have confidence in your writing ability and enjoy devilling the detail.
  • To be able to lead the conversation and have coaching conversations.
  • To be patient and persistent.
  • To enjoy a good chat!
  • Be able to work independently and with other volunteers.


Naturally Talented Me - Profiling Tool (2.5 – 3 hour online workshop + 1 hour preparation time offline)

Supporting a Radical to complete an online profiling tool designed to help our candidates identify their natural talents and exploring how these transfer into the world of work. You will need to:

  • Be patient.
  • Be super positive with the ability to see the potential of others.
  • To enjoy having coaching conversations and be able to ask the same question in different ways to get the right answers.
  • Enjoy listening to stories and helping our Radicals to unpack their experiences to identify and articulate what they bring to the recruitment table.
  • Be able to work independently and with other volunteers.


Beyond the Labels – Mock Interviews (2.5 – 3 hour online workshop + 1 hour preparation time offline)

Supporting several Radical’s to practice their interview technique by facilitating a round-robin of mock interviews and providing feedback on what they did well and what they could improve. You will need to:

  • Have the confidence to go ‘off script’.
  • Be able to divide your attention (run an interview and take notes)
  • Be comfortable giving honest but critical feedback in a positive and constructive manner that highlights success and potential.
  • To be prepared to hear disclosures relating to criminal convictions and know that these may relate to emotive and confronting topics.
  • Be able to work independently and with other volunteers.


Bragging Well – STAR + L framework for answering competency-based interview questions (2.5 – 3 hour online workshop + 1 hour preparation time offline)

Supporting a Radical to apply the ‘STAR + L’ framework for answering competency-based questions by workshopping examples to common questions for the competencies that most jobs require like ‘communication’, ‘teamwork’ and ‘problem-solving’. You will need to:

  • Be familiar with the framework (we provide an e-learning module for review by volunteers)
  • Enjoy coaching candidates of varying confidence and experience.
  • Be patient, encouraging and enjoy having conversations to uncover your Radicals experience and what they have done well in previous roles.
  • Be able to divide your attention (have conversations and take detailed notes)


From time to time …

We also put a call out for volunteers who can support with interview preparation and 1-2-1 coaching to do things like set up Linked In profiles and application writing which are appointment based and in addition to our group and staff facilitated sessions. 


In addition to having the right skill sets, you will also need to be …

  • Non-judgmental with the ability to create warm, welcoming, and safe spaces that encourage and celebrate difference.
  • Anti-biased with a strong sense of social justice and a desire to support others.
  • Emotionally intelligent with the ability to connect with our Radicals and fellow volunteers, actively listen, and have conversations (potentially about emotive topics like homelessness or domestic violence)
  • Celebrate differences and enjoy meeting new people from different backgrounds.


Not sure we're right for you? Want more info or to book a chat?

Email us at volunteers@radicalrecruit.co.uk and we will come back to you within 2 working days.

Or watch a review from one of our amazing corporate volunteers, Cheryl, by clicking this link.


Want to follow our work and tell your friends and colleagues about us?

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Ready to sign up?

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Please note:

We have used the abbreviation BAME. We recognise the diversity of individual identities and lived experiences and understand that BAME is an imperfect term that does not fully capture the racial, cultural, and ethnic identities of people that experience structural and systematic inequality.  There is space on the application form to describe your community, and we will use your description when wherever possible.